High Quality Cleanroom building is our perfection.

Company KARBA mge is specialized in the construction of Cleanrooms, with over 20 years of tradition.

Our Cleanroom systems CLR-STR-W-50 are specifically suitable for the construction of sterile rooms, which takes account of high provisions and recommendations of standards, such as EU-GMP Annex 1, ISO 14644, FDA and others. 

The panel system CLR-STR-W-50 may consist of:

- HPL panels (CLR-STR-W-HPL-50)

- ALU panels (CLR-STR-W-AL-50)

- Steel panels (CLR-STR-W-S-50)

All systems are made from materials with a special antibacterial layer, that reduce the development of bacteria up to 99.9%.

The system allows easy instalation of different elements: doors, wall glazings, electircity and other hardware instalations.  

All components are mounted flush with the surfaces, which in turn allows easy cleaning and functionality.

Each system is hermetically sealed with permanent lasting  sealing material suitable for use in Cleanrooms.

All systems are exclusively organized according to individual project requirements or users preferences.


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